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Apollo Universal
Starter Kit

A cutting-edge starter project to help create efficient GraphQL
client, server, and mobile applications

Run Apollo Universal Starter Kit

git clone -b stable
cd apollo-universal-starter-kit
yarn && yarn seed && yarn watch
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A Mature Toolset

Apollo Universal Starter Kit brings together
the top tools from different ecosystems

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  • TypeScript
  • Apollo
  • GraphQL
  • SpinJS
  • webpack
  • Babel
  • i18next
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Front End
  • React
  • Apollo Link State
  • Styled Components
  • Formik
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Back End
  • Node.js
  • Express
  • Knex.js
  • Passport.js
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  • React Native
  • Expo
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UI Toolkits
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Ant Design
  • Ant Design Mobile
  • NativeBase
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Notable Features

Great features make a great framework. Have a look at the Apollo Universal Starter Kit highlights

Speed & Performance

Build swift applications with fewer data transfers thanks to the efficiency of GraphQL over traditional REST

Enhanced Productivity

Waste no time configuring your project and scaffold new application modules with a simple command line interface

Universal Application

Write your code the same way for web, server, and mobile applications and reuse the code as much as you need

Fractal Modular Architecture

Maintain your project without development overhead thanks to the fractal modular architecture — Easily add new modules and scale your application as it grows

Live Code Reload

Simplify your development process with rapid incremental builds and live code reload available across all supported platforms

Internationalization (i18n)

Localize your application using an internationalization solution with the ability to auto-detect languages and remember the user-selected ones

Ready-to-Use Modules

Focus on developing the original application functionality as the basic features are already available in Apollo Universal Starter Kit

Authentication & Authorization
  • User authentication & password reset
  • Authentication with OAuth 2.0
  • User roles management
  • Navigation between entities
  • Cursor pagination with GraphQL
  • Relay-style pagination with Apollo
Posts & Comments
  • Create, Read, Update, Delete posts
  • CRUD functionality for comments
State Management
  • Server state management with Apollo subscriptions for real-time updates
  • Client state management with Apollo Link State
  • Optional state management with Redux
Stripe Subscription
  • Recurring payments for subscribers
  • Full production features in development mode
  • Complete solution for React Native mobile apps
Upload & Download
  • Drag-and-drop interface for uploading
  • Downloading files from the server
  • Removing files from the server
Mobile Chat
  • Live messaging with WebSocket
  • CRUD functionality for messaging
  • Image uploading and processing
Integrated UI Libraries
  • Twitter Bootstrap and Ant Design for web applications
  • Ant Design Mobile and NativeBase for mobile apps
Contact Us Form
  • Accepting contact requests
  • Sending requests to a given email address
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Having all the choices made for you can be overwhelming.

Why not start your Apollo project afresh?

Create Apollo App generates a clean project from the template you choose. With zero modules and architectural choices made for you, you get a fully configured project to build your application how you think is best.

Support Us

Apollo Universal Starter Kit is an open-source project developed by enthusiasts. We’re endlessly thankful to all our sponsors, backers, and contributors. Would you like to become one of them?

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